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Free Reformed Soccer League

2014 Soccer Season

Welcome to another season of Free Reformed Soccer.

Much of the initial important information regarding the new season has been collated into a full colour brochure (PDF, 953kb).

We'll continue to publish important information regarding the season here on our website, so be sure to stay up-to-date by visiting this page.

2014 Season Dates:

  • March: 29
  • April: 5, 12
  • May: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
  • June: 7, 14, 21, 28
  • July: 26
  • Aug: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • Sep: 6 (finals), 13 (finals), 20 (carnival/grand finals)

2014 Inter-Season Competition Dates:

  • Junior Boys Knockout Competition:
    • May 17, June 28, Aug 16 (grand final)
  • Senior Boys Round Robin Competition:
    • May 3, May 31, June 21, Aug 9, Aug 30 (grand final)
  • Ladies Knockout Competition:
    • May 10, June 14, Aug 23 (grand final)
  • Carnival Stall Holder Expression of Interest
  • Businesses and non-profit organisations can now register their interest for having a stall on Carnival day 2014.
  • Download Expression of Interest Form

Latest News

Carnival Update 1

We're busy making our final preparations for Saturday. Hopefully you are too and here are a few things we'd like to remind and inform you about before the big day.

Staying watchful

Last Saturday the FRSL was informed (after the day was completed) of a situation where some children were playing on the toys and a stranger was watching them. This stranger made some comments to the children that made them feel very uncomfortable. Our intention is not to scare you in this situation, but we'd like to remind you that there are not always friendly people hanging around the oval. It is a public venue, so we request that you remain watchful over your children and your possessions. With many people attending the carnival, it will be much easier for people to break in and steal or do things we don't want them to. Please keep an eye out, both for your own sake and also your brothers and sisters in Christ.


The forecast for Saturday is a 32-degree, hot day. We recommend you plan for this. While there will be some shade provided, we suggest taking some of your own as well as sun cream and plenty to drink. There will be drinks available on the day, but we emphasise that it's up to you to monitor this.


The FRSL has had a request from some of the players suggesting that runners may be useful during the games. We think that this may be too disruptive to the game and would like to compromise. We would be following within the rules for umpires to allow scheduled breaks during the games. We plan to have a stoppage around halfway each half for a short drinks break. Please note that this will only be for the longer games, as it is not necessary for the shorter Carnival Cup games.

Veteran's matches and team lists

For safety reasons, players not wearing shin guards will not be permitted to play. Jerseys will be provided by the FRSL for the match. Soccer boots are recommended but not a requirement.

With regards to the men's teams, we're hoping to get two teams so if you see people who're not on the list but are or were thinking of playing, please get them to sign-up still.


  • Alex van Dyke
  • Ashley Mulder
  • Roger Mostert
  • Grant Bosveld
  • Richard Allingham
  • George Brinks
  • Gavin Hordyk
  • Derek Vandelden
  • Rev. Vermeulen
  • Berwan Wieske
  • Tarren Reitsma
  • David Vanderlaan
  • Mars Hordyk
  • Paul Swarts
  • Jan Bron


  • Stephanie Peetoom
  • Emily Amoraal
  • Berdina Ballast
  • Brittany Lister
  • Rachel Jansen
  • Fayleisha Spyker
  • Esther Ballast
  • Ali Ballast
  • Dot Mostert
  • Jeanette Jansen
  • Yvonne Plug
  • Marilyn Terpstra
  • Rhonda Desnoo
  • Coral Desnoo
  • Corinna Versluis


The kiosk will be selling lunch on Saturday between 11 and 2.

Rides and activities

Once again the FRSL has organised a huge variety of rides and activities for this year's Carnival. We have attractions for all ages.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the rides and activities will be required to purchase a wrist band. These have been pre-sold at schools (last day tomorrow, refer to earlier notice) and will also be available for purchase from the FRSL Marquee on Carnival day for a modest price of . Anyone wearing a wristband can participate in any activity as many times as they would like.

Please note that rides and activities will only be open from 12:30pm to 4pm.

Returning your shirt

At the Carnival, once your games are complete your soccer jersey must be returned to the FRSL marquee and you can then reclaim your jersey deposit. Obviously you should take another t-shirt with you to wear once you've returned your jersey to us.


Note that referees and linesman are not required to return their referee shirts. This will be managed at later date.

First aid

Anyone requiring first aid or medical treatment on Carnival day should seek the assistance of the St. John's first-aiders. We aim to have 4 first-aiders at the first aid post throughout the Carnival.

Remember, the FRSL will not be held liable for any injury or ongoing damages occurring as a result of you playing soccer in our league - you play at your own risk!

Trophy and medal presentations

This year we'll be doing presentations throughout the day. The format for these will be as follows:

  • Junior Boys and Girls presentations will be done at lunchtime.
  • The Ladies and Senior Boys presentations will be done at half time of the Men's Grand Final.
  • The Men's presentations will be done straight after the game at the end of the day.


We hope you understand the scale of the event on Saturday. In order to help us with the final cleanup at the end of the day, we request that you help us out by ensuring that any rubbish you have is placed into bins.

Game times and lining duties

Due to the pace of the events before lunch with the carnival cup games, we request that each team be at the field at least 10-15 minutes before their game. This will help to ensure that each game will run smoothly. Teams are reminded that we simply do not have enough volunteers to ensure FRSL linesmen for each game and would like them to remember to provide linesmen for the games they have been requested to. Doing this will help to ensure a smooth day.

Pool players

Captains are reminded to contact Cameron Schoof ASAP with pool player requests for the day. These need to be soon so that things can be organised.

Further Queries

That's all for now. If there are any last minute notices, we'll be sure to email you and let you know.

You can also email us at with your queries.

Att. Senior Boys Titans: Carnival Micro and Mini Umpiring Roster

The roster for the umpiring of Micro and Mini matches on Carnival day is now available for download. Players from the Senior Boys Titans team will be responsible for umpiring, so please ensure you review the roster to see if you are involved.

Final Carnival Schedule

An updated standalone version of the carnival schedule is now available for download. This schedule contains some corrections of errors found in the version printed in the Carnival colour brochure. It also includes the teams playing in grand final matches.

Carnival Brochure

With the FRSL end-of-year Carnival day now less than 2 weeks away, the hype is building for what's set to be a great day. To help you get excited, a full colour brochure with the core information about the upcoming Carnival day is now available. It will also be distributed in hard-copy this weekend to churches.

Carnival Kiosk Volunteers Urgently Required

Currently we are well short of the volunteers needed to help run the kiosk on Carnival day between 10 and 4:30. For everyone to be able to eat, we need some more people to pitch in and lend a hand.

If you feel you may be able to help out (even for just an hour or so), please get in touch with or on 0416 527 949 - he would love to hear from you!

Ride The Carnival Rides With Wristbands

We have got a bunch of rides organised at the Carnival this year (similar to last year) and we are again providing wristbands for the kids who want to go on the rides. It worked very well last year, with many being sold prior to Carnival Day at the primary schools and the middle school.

This year we are looking to do the same thing. So, on Friday the 12th and the 19th of September at any of the FRSA primary schools and the middle school, you will be able to find a representative of the FRSL in the carpark selling wristbands. The cost will be $5 for a wristband when pre-purchased. We will also be selling them for $10 on the Carnival day.

If your kids are interested on going on the rides on Carnival Day, please make an effort to buy these wristbands prior to the day. It streamlines the process and makes the day easier for everyone.

Carnival 2014 Is Approaching

The Carnival Day is coming! 20th of September is the date for the annual carnival day for the FRSL. As usual, we have a few things we'd like to keep you informed about. We have a very exciting day in the works for you all to enjoy, but we'd like to invite your participation in this event.

We plan to keep you updated with information as it becomes available so stay tuned!

Lunch Kiosk Volunteers

The FRSL would like to run a BBQ lunch for all patrons at the carnival again this year, however to make this possible volunteers are required! If you are interested in helping out with the kiosk please consider that there are a variety of tasks that need to be done at different times, including setting up, deep-frying chips, cooking burgers and sausages, serving, topping up the trays, cleaning up, emptying bins etc. If you are willing to help out please let us know what time you are available and what your preferred function would be, (e.g. setup/cook/serve customers/fill trays/clean up). Once we have your response we will make a schedule and forward it to you before the soccer carnival. Please forward your responses to

Stall Holders

As per previous years, the FRSL would like to invite anyone who would like to run a stall on carnival day to participate this year. As usual, any stall that is for a not-for-profit organisation will not be charged a site fee. All other stalls will incur a $50.00 fee. Download the Expression of Interest Form and return it to us to register your stall.

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